Online giving

Is Online Giving a Good Option for Me?

Online giving is a good option for supporting the Ministry and Mission of Family Fellowship for those who no longer operate using cash or checks. One great benefit is that it allows you to give consistently, even if you miss church due to illness, vacation, etc.

You may give using either debit or credit card. However, due to the interest penalties that occur if a credit card is not paid off at the end of the month, we encourage the use of your debit card for your online giving.


This year we're doing things a little different than normal! Instead of just giving to a couple of missionary projects this year, our plan is to evenly divide up the Christmas Project Offering evenly between our 18 missionaries around the world! This will be a HUGE encouragement to all these families as we're able to treat them all with a little extra during this holiday season! We hope you'll be a part of making this Christmas a special one for all our missionaries!

You are now able to give to the Christmas Project Offering until December 29th by clicking the link below! 

Frequent Questions

Q. Is it secure?

A. Online giving is actually more secure than cash or checks. Your online giving is protected by a secure, firewall-protected server that is not available to the public.  

Q. Are there any hidden fees or charges? 

A. There are no hidden fees that will be assessed to you. Your full donation will be recognized as your tax-deductible gift.   The Church does have to pay bank fees amounting to roughly 3-4% of the amount of your gift.

Q. What credit cards do you accept?

A. Visa and MasterCard.  

Q. Will I receive a record of my giving?

A. Yes. We will mail you a year-end giving record for tax purposes in January.  

Q. Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

A. You can contact Jayne Palmer, Secretary/Treasurer at 903-455-2360.